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In my journey through love, marriage, and the passages of my own heart, I have come to embrace a philosophy that is deeply rooted in forgiveness, self-healing, self-discovery, the strength of a support system, and the unyielding belief in the possibility of love anew. As a twice-married and twice-divorced African American woman, my experiences have sculpted a perspective that intertwines the resilience of the human spirit with the grace of Christian faith.

Forgiveness: The Foundation of Love

At the core of my philosophy lies the power of forgiveness. In the aftermath of my divorces, I turned to the teachings of Christ, who advocated for forgiveness as a pathway to freedom. Forgiveness, I learned, is not just about extending grace to others; it is also about granting it to oneself. It is acknowledging our flaws, embracing our part in our stories, and choosing to release the burden of resentment. This act of forgiveness opens our hearts to the possibility of love, unburdened by the past.

Self-Healing: The Journey Within

Healing is a personal expedition, one that requires time, patience, and divine guidance. In my moments of solitude, I leaned into my faith, finding solace in prayer and scripture. This process of self-healing is about nurturing our wounds with compassion and understanding, allowing God's love to mend what was broken. It teaches us that even in our frailties, there is strength and a chance for renewal.

Self-Rediscovery: Unveiling the True Self

With each ending, there is a new beginning. Divorce, though painful, offered me an opportunity to rediscover myself beyond the roles I played in marriage. It was a journey back to my core, my passions, and my dreams, guided by the unwavering love of Christ. In this process of self-discovery, we learn that our worth is not defined by our relationship status but by our identity in God.

Support System: The Strength of Community

No journey is meant to be walked alone. My path was illuminated by the love and support of friends, family, and my church community. This support system acted as a testament to the power of collective strength and empathy. It reminded me that in moments of weakness, there is a reservoir of love and support to draw from.

Staying Open to Love Again

Despite the trials, my heart remains open to love. This openness is not naive; it is a choice to believe in the transformative power of love, inspired by the eternal love of God. It is a commitment to walk in faith, knowing that love can flourish, even in the most unexpected places and times.

As you navigate through my writings, I invite you to join me in this exploration of love, marriage, and the profound wisdom that comes from experiencing and overcoming life's challenges. Let us embark on this journey together, armed with forgiveness, guided by faith, and open to the endless possibilities of love.

Together, we can discover the beauty of love reborn, the strength in vulnerability, and the grace of starting anew. Welcome to a space where hearts heal, spirits are uplifted, and love prevails.

My Philosophy on Love and Marriage


"If you believe love and marriage are complete bliss and will succeed without any effort on your part, you're better off staying single." - Verlanda Smith

Verlanda Smith is a testament to life's rich tapestry, gracefully navigating through her diverse roles and passions. As a new author, she artfully depicts the complex essence of the human condition, drawing from a well of deep understanding and empathy. Her role as a mother is characterized by her profound capacity to nurture and guide her children with love and unwavering commitment. In her familial roles as a daughter and sister, she provides support and compassion, enriching her family's life with her presence. Her friendships are marked by an undeniable warmth and loyalty, turning moments into precious memories. Verlanda's adventurous spirit finds joy in exploration, seeking out the world's wonders and embracing its diverse cultures. Her innovative approach and sharp insight drive her toward continuous growth and achievement in business.

Verlanda's life journey includes navigating through challenges that many face. Her debut book, "Embracing Your Divorce," marked the beginning of a healing journey, uncovering layers of growth she had not foreseen. This experience inspired her to author a children's book aimed at opening conversations about divorce with young readers. She is also in the process of finalizing a 60-day journal rooted in her reflections that offered solace during her post-divorce recovery. Despite the hardships of enduring two divorces, she remains hopeful about the future. She is open to sharing her life with a partner who values faith, family, and the joy of discovery. Verlanda's narrative is a powerful blend of personal resilience, professional success, and spiritual evolution, making her an emblem of strength and openness, ready to tackle whatever lies ahead with courage and an open heart.

Verlanda Smith

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